Boland – Johannesburg – August 2016 | Come Join Us

Boland – Johannesburg – August 2016

Dani and I had our very first blog strategy meeting at Trio Café a few months ago, so it was a very pleasant surprise to learn that our favourite monthly Come Wine With Us would be hosted there this month.

Dani was at the Loeries (lucky girl), so she couldn’t come along to this one (not so lucky!) so I decided to take my friend Tumi along. The first thing I noticed about this CWWU was how much smaller and more intimate it was than the previous ones. Two long tables outside, seating about 20 each, were made even cosier by the mushroom heaters warming us up on the winter’s evening.

Upon arrival we were graciously handed our welcome drink, the Boland five Climate Chenin Blanc 2016. It was a light wine, and definitely my favourite of the evening. Once seated we were presented with the most delicious freshly baked bread. The mixture of olive oil and red wine vinegar was perfect to dip the bread into. I may or may not have had about 4 or 5 pieces of bread :-/ but then again, who was counting… right?


Boland – Johannesburg – August 2016 | Come Join Us

Boland Cellar Wines was the winemaker of the night and Chenin Blanc was the theme. Boland Cellar Wines celebrates 75 years this year, so I was especially glad that I could enjoy an evening where their wines were being showcased.

Tumi and I were seated with a few CWWU regulars, which was awesome because there’s nothing better than being surrounded with fellow wine and food lovers, which is of course the point of CWWU. Starters was smoked fishcakes, corn salsa and chimichurri. I can easily say that that was probably the best fishcake I’d ever eaten. The flavours all married so well with one another, keeping the dish light, but oh so delectable!

I love a good steak, especially fillet, so when I saw it on the menu I was super excited. And boy did it not disappoint! The fillet was cooked to perfection, and was accompanied by a Moroccan chermoula. I’ve tasted chermoula a couple of times before and loved its flavours, but this time it was made quite garlicky, which I found to be a tasty addition to the beef. I swear I still salivate thinking about this fillet! The Reserve No.1 Shiraz 2013 was an excellent choice to pair with the beef. I’m not a big red wine drinker, but I found this wine quite pleasant with the meat.


Boland – Johannesburg – August 2016 | Come Join Us

When it came to dessert, we had a surprise in store. All we knew was that it was called Table of Chenin and that it would be served with the Reserve No.1 Wooded Chenin Blanc 2014. Trio Café chef and owner, Amori Pretorius, had hinted at it being something spectacular. Well she had not prepared us for what came…

After rolling brown parchment paper down the two tables, 4 chefs effortlessly began creating what can only be called an art piece with honey meringue, vanilla custard, candied ginger, upside-down pineapple tart and gold dust to add elegance and some theatre to the dish. Because dessert was set out across the table, it encouraged all of us to share, which I thought brought all of us together and a part of the experience. Individually the dessert elements were divine by themselves, but once we combined them their flavours and textures were out of this world.


Boland – Johannesburg – August 2016 | Come Join Us

cLast month I voted the CWWU my best yet, but I can honestly say that Trio Café and Boland Cellars Wine knocked it out the ball-park. I loved how intimate it was and I even became Facebook friends with a few people from the table I was seated at. These events really are great in bringing people with similar interests together and I cannot wait for the next one! To find out about upcoming events, check out the CWWU website or Facebook Page. You seriously don’t want to miss out on one of these awesome evenings.

See you next time!

Dolls & Dan

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