Durbanville Hills - Johannesburg - July 2016 | Come Join Us

Durbanville Hills – Johannesburg – July 2016

HOLY DAMN. These CWWU events keep getting better and better. The next one will be a little more exclusive and will be hosted at the wonderful Trio, Greenside. But be sure to keep an eye out for the September announcement, which will be unlike any CWWU event we’ve seen before! As for July’s event… brace yourselves, because there was a lot of good food to go around, and to skip out on any of it would be a sin.

Our latest CWWU event saw us at Escondido Tapas in Illovo. One of our favourite spots, we absolutely could not wait to attend. The theme for the evening was Jazz, and it was accompanied by a delightful Jazz Band.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of Durbanville Hills Rose 2016, which was refreshing and light-bodied.


Durbanville Hills - Johannesburg - July 2016 | Come Join Us
After we were all seated, CWWU organiser Sybil Doms introduced us to the wonderful Escondido Chef Martine, who was also a contestant on Top Chef SA, and the hilarious Durbanville Hills winemaker Martine Moore. At the same time, the table was garnished with delightful nibbles which consisted of Table Salad, House Marinated Olives, Zucchini Fritters and the most delightful Bread & Dips. These were enjoyed with the aforementioned welcome drink and introductions to others at the table. One of the best parts about these events is undoubtedly the networking!


Durbanville Hills - Johannesburg - July 2016 | Come Join Us

Our main, a delicious Paella, was served with the choice of Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Sauvignon Blanc 2015 or a Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Pinotage 2013. We decided to mix things up from the whites and roses, and opted for the Pinotage. Its sweet, woody flavours lent themselves perfectly to the Paella, although we were also informed Pinotage goes perfectly with Indian dishes and mild Asian cuisine.

Durbanville Hills - Johannesburg - July 2016 | Come Join Us

Well, well, well. Dani will always tell you she’s got a stomach like a cow. Strange as it may sound, cows have one giant stomach with four chambers. To Dans, that’s a chamber for each meal of the day… and always dessert! Dani is definitely the dessert advocate, and she could hardly wait to tuck in to the platter that was presented… but first, pictures! While we patiently waited for our guests at the table to finish taking their pictures, we scoped out the platter. Nougat, Shortbread, Chocolate Truffles, Oreo Brownies and Assorted Macaroons were what waited for us. After finally getting to tuck in, we can agree that the Chocolate Truffles took the cake. The rest of the platter was delightful, and after previous trips to Escondido we can attest to the fact that the desserts are generally wonderful.
Overall, the evening was spectacular and surely the best yet… until the next one, of course! We shared wonderful conversations with others at our table, and enjoyed the company of The Joburg Foodie, too. CWWU events are all about food, wine and meeting other lovely people. August’s event currently has a waiting list, but you can ensure you’re there for the September event by keeping an eye on the Come Wine With Us Facebook Page for the next event.

See you next time!

Dolls & Dan


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