Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |

Boschendal Wines – June – Durban


You are cordially invited to Come Wine With Us & Boschendal Wines – “The Art of Pairing “evening.

Be inspired and look forward to an evening of fine ‘pairings’ of premium Boschendal wines with amazing food from Fish and Wine and special hand selected premium art pieces from Community Gallery complimented by live music from René Tshiakanyi’s

Each guest will get the chance to enjoy a welcome glass of MCC as well as a three course ‘food art’ meal inspired and enjoyed with Boschendal wines.

Check out Boschendal Wines  , Fish and Wine  ,Community Gallery  and René Tshiakanyi’s, for more details.




Venue: Fish and Wine, B9, The Pearls of Umhlanga, 7 McCausland Cres, Umhlanga, 4320
Date: Wednesday 13 June and

Thursday 14 June

Times: 18:45
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Cost: R395 pp for Bubbly on arrival, three course meal with wine and entertainment.







Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |

About Boschendal Wines

Given our exceptional winemaking heritage of almost 300 years, the Boschendal cellar masters meticulously balance rustic tradition and modern innovation to produce classic, fruity wines while upholding the ecological integrity that has become synonymous with our brand.


Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |

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Each wine range, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz, is carefully crafted to deliver ultimate drinking pleasure, with dedicated red and white winemakers in separate cellars for focused expertise. It is this attention to detail that makes us a leader in the production of Méthode Cap Classique sparkling wines and beloved brand in over 50 countries.


Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |


Read more about Boschendal Wine ranges and farm on :


Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |

Picture Credit: Johan Wilke for RooiRose Magazine taken at Boschendal wine Farm


 About Fish and Wine Restaurant

Good food and good wine is what this restaurant specializes in. Only the finest seafood made with the freshest ingredients is served and to go with that meal is the option of selecting one of the fine wines from the restaurant cellar. If you’re looking for a delightful seafood experience then the Fish and Wine Co. in Umhlanga should be your next stop.

View their Instagram page here for more details on their opening hours and meal options.


Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |

*Review from*

When going out to a restaurant, there are three things that I highly value, the atmosphere, the service and the food. There needs to be a good balance between these three things. Only then does it become an establishment I would frequent regularly.

One of Durban’s relatively new restaurants, The Fish and Wine Co at the bourgeois The Pearls of Umhlanga, has to impress in order to survive in that very competitive neighbourhood. It needs to bring an amazing dining experience, while also serving guests delicious food. And it did just that when I recently went to the restaurant. 

What’s different about this restaurant is its emphasise on pairing seafood and wine, something many similar establishments may not do. Their seafood and wine pairings are more than just a dry Chardonnay with a mild white fish, which is a relief. We now want more as consumers. 

Fish and Wine Co head chef Rowan Larkin introduced us to their menu, which lists which dish complements each wine. This does help, especially for those who aren’t wine connoisseurs, but would still like to enjoy a perfectly paired meal. The first dish was a sushi platter. Full disclosure: I don’t like sushi or sashimi but, surprisingly, I  enjoyed this and the wine helped cut through the fat, giving it a pleasant taste. The salmon sashimi was paired with a sauvignon blanc wine. The second dish was crispy hake goujons paired with Gewurztraminer wine and calamari with a balanced cinsaut wine. 

Speaking to the owner, Robert Nunes, about the place, he said the restaurant had been operating for about three months but was officially launched three weeks ago at The Pearls.

Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |

Read more about this fabulous restaurant review  here on

About Community Gallery

We at COMMUNITY aim to be a people, and a space, that nurtures the local creative. Our goal is to partner with local artists, poets, musicians, film makers, performers, designers and the like, and in doing so, expand the creative space in our beloved city. Alongside this core value, we have set out to support local businesses in whatever capacity that we can. 

Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |

We believe in nurturing the creative, choosing a lifestyle of collaboration, and further defining what it means to function as a community. We hold events, workshops, film screenings, pop up shops, exhibitions and more. 

Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |

For more info on our art view our Instagram page here


About René Tshiakanyi’s


A sensational Singer/Songwriter with songs in French, English and Portuguese.

He describes his music as the combination of classic and rock ballads, Rnb, Reggae and Folk music.

René Tshiakanyi is a musician whose musical style is unique.


Boschendal Wines - June - Durban | Come Join Us |


His debut Single named ” La presse s’ efface” meaning ” Journalists are being erased” A tribute to the fight for media freedom introduced him to a wide listening audience and put his name on many lips.

This song received a wide acclaim when it was aired by the Belgium radio (RTBFI) and the UN radio in Africa (OKAPI). In 2008 a music video of the song was released . The video was nominated in both 2009 and 2010 for the shockwaves Awards of the British Magazine NME.


René Tshiakanyi was asked by the French radio (RFI) to write a tribute song to Mr Nelson Mandela,  the song accompanied the radio show that was aired in France and in the world via DSTV while the entire world was saying goodbye to Nelson Mandela in December 2013.


After his first Album “Now that I am Free” a live acoustic recording release in 2011 Rene Tshiakanyi his now working on his second Album and hope to release it soon.

In 2014 the NGO “Life Line Durban”, appointed René Tshiakanyi as its Brand Ambassador.


For more about René Tshiakanyi and his work kindly go to renetshiakanyi

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