What Continues to Inspire Come Join Us?

We have met many wonderful guests in the years since our inception, most of whom seem to ask our founder, Sybil Doms, the same question, “Where did you find the inspiration for Come Join Us?”. The question should not only be around what inspired us, but what continues to inspire us.

There may be the assumption that it’s a love for good food, whisky, wine and other drinks, or perhaps just for bringing people together – and while these are certainly some of the reasons – there’s a little more to it.

ian-schneider-66374-unsplash Trends  What Continues to Inspire Come Join Us?

Words to Live By

“Collect experiences, not things” – it’s a mantra we’ve referenced before, and with good reason. As cliché as it may sound, life truly is too short to do the same thing twice, which is why we’ve endeavoured to not only ensure that all of our events and experiences are unique, but that they are easily accessible and can be enjoyed across South Africa’s main centres: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. Our mission is to bring our guests together through occasions and opportunities to attend unique, unforgettable experiences – whether it is with their closest friends and family, or perhaps to meet new people with shared interests.


Customisation and Curation

To curate means to “select, organize, and present […] typically using professional or expert knowledge.”, which is what we strive to do. Through the guidance of Sybil Doms and her intricate knowledge surrounding food, beverages and travel, Come Join Us offers curated experiences. While our events may be unique, the trend of curation is not. Why? The answer is simple: many of us want something more than what is typically doled out to the masses.


From burger joints and pizza hotspots where you can decide everything from your bun to your base, to gin bars that allow us to play the role of mixologist – we want to have a say in what we enjoy and to walk away with the satisfaction of knowing no one else can recreate the magic that we we had a hand in creating. Better yet? Imagine going back to the same place or event and enjoying an entirely new experience. Such is the case with our events – while you will still be attending an occasion curated by Come Join Us, it is our promise to you that you will not experience the same event twice, even with the same curators at the helm.


A Step Forward

We decided to take the next step forward in offering these experiences and instead of focusing solely on food and wine, included all of life’s other great pleasures. This is what inspired us to expand our offerings from Come Wine With Us to include Come Whisky With Us and Come Travel With Us, ultimately forming Come Join Us. It also lends itself to our PR and Marketing services, where we aim to help those with the same mission.


The answer to the questions “Where did Sybil find the inspiration for Come Join Us?” and “What continues to inspire Come Join Us?” is therefore quite simple: we find inspiration in our guests and our desire to make sure they are collecting experiences and not things.


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