Cocktails: More Than Just Mojitos

After our most recent Come Whisky With Us event in Johannesburg, we decided it was time to shine a light on the beverage that is so often taken for granted: the humble cocktail. Whether you’re after classics, such as the Whisky Sour or Moscow Mule, or you enjoy the more unique cocktails that inhabit South Africa’s many artisanal restaurants and bars, there’s no denying the pleasure that often comes with one of these drinks. That said, when it’s time to be serious and get down to business, it seems as though the likes of wine and whisky are first-choice.


This is not a question of popularity, it’s a matter of taking these beverages more seriously: they are not the syrupy solution to enjoying a spirit you likely wouldn’t stomach on its own, nor are they the answer to disguising cheap liquor. They also shouldn’t only be reserved for beach holidays and summer days: cocktails, when made correctly and given the attention they deserve, not only elevate your evening, but can also be appreciated as a work of art.

Cocktails-More-Than-Just-Mojitos-1 Trends  Cocktails: More Than Just Mojitos

Self-professed foodies flock to the latest restaurants and are willing to fork out a small fortune for a gastronomical delight, making their reservations at the latest culinary hot spots even months in advance if need-be, just to get a taste of a meal they read a rave review about online. Why are cocktails not given the same treatment? A great deal of effort goes into the likes of a degustation menu – which ensures every element on the plate not only complements, but also elevates the next, and that each course is the perfect follow-on to the previous one. The same can be said for cocktails – a cocktail can marry together flavours and ingredients you had may never even have considered as being the necessary garnish or addition to a drink.

Cocktails-More-Than-Just-Mojitos-2 Trends  Cocktails: More Than Just Mojitos

Cocktails add a new dimension to our favourite spirits and mixers, along with a unique flare that perhaps can’t soon be found in a simple glass of beer, wine or whisky. It’s no secret we are lovers of the latter, but we recognise that an expertly crafted cocktail can elevate an evening as quickly as it can complement a meal. We hope that through our events we can shine a light on how cocktails don’t disguise our favourite spirits and that in fact they celebrate them!

Cocktails-More-Than-Just-Mojitos-3 Trends  Cocktails: More Than Just Mojitos

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