Come Wine With Us: Inspired by Heritage JHB Event

CWWU-16-Oct-2019-Canvas-medres-053 Wine Blog  Come Wine With Us: Inspired by Heritage JHB EventSeptember may be behind us, but the chance to celebrate Heritage is not – and likely never will be. Our October collaborators offered a range of wines beautifully aligned with this sentiment: the Nederburg Heritage Heroes wines. Guests who attended the event were treated to a rare, interactive vertical tasting of four fine vintages of Nederburg’s Heritage Heroes The Brew Master Bordeaux-style red blend, to experience the impact that age can have on a wine – and that was just the beginning!



CWWU-16-Oct-2019-Canvas-medres-241 Wine Blog  Come Wine With Us: Inspired by Heritage JHB Event

When you’re asked to give an example of something that “ages well”, it’s likely you’ll respond with one, if not all, of three things: wine, steak or cheese. It should come as no surprise, then, that our October Johannesburg event – aptly titled Does Age Truly Matter? – was a celebration of two of these things: wine and steak. Who better to prepare a melt-in-your-mouth steak than the chefs from Johannesburg’s renowned The Local Grill steakhouse? They joined us at Canvas Venue and lovingly paired some of the Nederburg Heritage Heroes wines with a delicious three-course meal.



CWWU-16-Oct-2019-Canvas-medres-127 Wine Blog  Come Wine With Us: Inspired by Heritage JHB Event

First on the menu was the Nederburg Method Cap Classique, partnered with a selection of canapes which consisted of arancini balls with a splash of truffle mayo, mini topless beef sliders with caramelised onion, crostini with tomato salsa, and feta wrapped in cucumber with seared tomato. Kicking off the actual three-course meal was a sublime, heritage-inspired bobotie phyllo parcel served with poppadum & sambals, which was paired with Nederburg Heritage Heroes Beautiful Lady Gewürztraminer – an elegant and refined wine that takes its name from Ilse Graue, the wife of Johann, and mother of Arnold – key Nederburg figures.


CWWU-16-Oct-2019-Canvas-medres-176 Wine Blog  Come Wine With Us: Inspired by Heritage JHB Event

Next up, the main event: grain-fed, aged, reverse-seared rib-eye with marrow bone, served with bearnaise sauce, herb buttered new potatoes and classic seasonal veg. Anyone who has enjoyed a reverse-seared rib-eye will surely agree it’s one of the best ways to enjoy a delectable piece of steak, only made better by being served alongside the Nederburg Heritage Heroes Brew Master Bordeaux Blend and The Anchorman Chenin Blanc. All the while, guests hummed along to the soothing sounds of Antonia Buys’ live music – just another addition in an already-perfect atmosphere.

CWWU-17-Oct-2019-Canvas-medres-001 Wine Blog  Come Wine With Us: Inspired by Heritage JHB Event

Lovingly prepared, next on the menu was a bit of a “dessert inception”: pears poached in Nederburg’s Winemaster’s Reserve Noble Late Harvest, infused with saffron and cinnamon and served on a biscuit crumb with crème Fraiche. Unsurprisingly, this was paired with one and only star of the dish – Nederburg Winemaster’s Reserve Noble Late Harvest. What came next? Endless chatter and the sound of guests enjoying themselves, toasting to the last few sips of the evening and the fun that was had.


CWWU-17-Oct-2019-Canvas-medres-175 Wine Blog  Come Wine With Us: Inspired by Heritage JHB Event

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