Come Wine With Us: Art, Food & Wine with Johannesburg

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We couldn’t bring the sea to Johannesburg residents who may have been envious of our Durbanville Hills event in Durban, but we could ensure an event just as wonderful that transported those in attendance to the most iconic spots in the Cape by way of Durbanville Hills’ Collectors Reserve Range – the latest in new, premium wine. How could wine take guests from Salt, a trendy restaurant in Honeydew, to tourist hotspots many so many kilometers away? Simple: the new Durbanville Hills range is so much more than wine, it is a collection of stories, told in every sip and represented in every bottle.



CWWU-Salt-28-Nov-2019-medres-106 Wine Blog  Come Wine With Us: Art, Food & Wine with Johannesburg

The Collectors Reserve Range was curated with Cape Town in mind, using only the finest grapes from Cape Town’s best vineyards. Great thought and personal investment went into selecting and crafting each varietal in this new range, with Durbanville Hills’ esteemed winemaster, Martin Moore, personally seeking out spots within vineyards that had different, unique flavours which would be used to inform the varietals inspired by the spectacular landmarks that would be reflected in each bottle. Where does art come into this? Besides the lovingly crafted stories that are told in every swirl,scent and sip of the wine you choose, the bottles themselves feature the art of the vibrant Theo Voster, with each bottle bringing a prominent Cape Tonian landmark and experience to life. If you have a look at the range yourself, you will see that each wine tells a story. Whether it is that of the Castle of Good Hope, walks and views enjoyed on the idyllic promenade, or Table Mountain’s famous cableway (to name just a few).


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To start the evening, our guests were able to choose between Durbanville Hills Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc and Durbanville Hills MCC – with each first sip representing the start of an unforgettable evening, and new stories to be told. SALT was abuzz with excitement as guests swapped stories of a year nearly gone by, and traded conversation about holiday plans and festive wishes. Accompanying the chatter and jubilation was a superb three-course meal, lovingly prepared and expertly paired with the Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve varietals.


To start, guests enjoyed smoked salmon trout roulade served with parsley oil reduction, marinated cucumber and dill, pea puree, beetroot hummus and melba toast. This was paired with the Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve Chenin Blanc – which boasts a profile that celebrates The Company’s Garden in Cape Town. Mains consisted of a choice between a 200g, 22 day-aged rump steak served with


CWWU-Salt-28-Nov-2019-medres-068 Wine Blog  Come Wine With Us: Art, Food & Wine with Johannesburg

sweet potato fries and green beans with toasted almonds, or a caprese chicken roulade filled with mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil pesto, served alongside tomato beurre blanc and savoury pilaf rice, or the vegetarian option of wild mushroom & asparagus risotto served with truffle drops. Mains were paired with a choice of Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve Merlot or Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve Chardonnay, which tell the stories of Cape Town’s famous lighthouse and Table Mountain’s cableway, respectively.


CWWU-Salt-27-Nov-2019-medres-253 Wine Blog  Come Wine With Us: Art, Food & Wine with Johannesburg

Following the savoury delights that were our starters and mains, was dessert: a dark chocolate mousse brandy snap cup served with a berry and sherry coulis and paired with the Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve Pinotage – the range’s reflection of a leisurely stroll down the famous promenade. Completing the evening was music by David Delaney and the inevitable giggles that accompany group photos, taken by the wonderful Alison Tu. Through exploring the Durbanville Hills Collectors Range, we were able to explore the vineyards and landmarks of Cape Town, too. It just goes to show: Come Join Us events can take you from the heart of Honeydew to one of Africa’s greatest cities, because of a love for food, wine and good company can transcend just about anything!

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