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We’ve enjoyed a number of Come Whisky With Us Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky and Three Ships Whisky events this year, but this one stood out for a reason: it was our first ever East London event – not just as Come Whisky With Us, but as Come Join Us, too! What better way to celebrate East London, whisky and our beautiful country than by hosting a #ProudlySouthAfrican event at The Cow Shed Restaurant and Bar? The event kicked off December for us, and in turn the end of an enjoyable year of entertaining and crafting and curating unforgettable memories.


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The Cow Shed made for the perfect setting, combining comfort with quality, and the evening kicked off with some familiar Come Whisky With Us favourites: the Bains Leopard and Lime cocktail and the Three Ships Whisky Select Royal Buxton. The soundtrack to our evening would come in the form of live music performed by Niven Markus, who elevated the evening and set the tone for a great night. Guests were led to their tables, where the first order of the day was endless chatter and catching up with friends, only made better by the first item on the evening’s menu: lamb phyllo spring rolls served with a mint aioli on a bed of baby spinach and pecan nuts paired with Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky.

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Following this exceptional starter was an equally mouth-watering main of 200g seared, grass-fed beef fillet served with triple cooked chips, topped with a poached egg and served alongside a whisky mushroom sauce and salsa verde paired with Three Ships Whisky 10 year old Single Malt Vintage 2006. Finally, dessert consisted of a classic dish with a chocolatey twist: chocolate malva pudding served with a whisky infused whipped cream and cherry puree. The Three Ships Whisky 5 year old was the partner to this superb meal and rounded off the three courses perfectly.


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As with all Come Join Us events, the end of the menu did not mark the end of the night! Guests showed up with the intention of enjoying every second of the evening, and that’s exactly what they did. Any Come Join Us event fills our team with purpose and joy. Our passion is to serve our community and guests with expertly curated events that bring together the industry’s greatest alcoholic brands and best restaurants is second to our desire to play a hand in crafting unforgettable experiences for those in attendance. 2019 feels like it was just the beginning, and after doing this for many years, that is really saying something: we can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for us, and you: our guests. So, Come Join Us in collecting experiences and not things!

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