About our Platform

The premise of the system is to take the now traditional online conferencing systems and adapt it to suite a more informal and collaborative environment in so far as it would have been in a live training environment, whilst allowing the host to control the flow of the facilitation. We achieved this by developing our system with various roles designated to particular individuals.

To start with each normal attendee who attends the training will log into the system via our website, they will be given a password which will be associated to their email and then allocated to a virtual group. Each virtual group will have between 4 and 5 screens which represents an individual or group in the particular location.

From each virtual group they will also have access to view the main stage. The main stage is the host’s live broadcasting area which is where all the central activities are streamed and viewed from the virtual groups. Each attendee can move between virtual groups giving them the experience of moving between groups similar to a live training event thus allowing for greater collaboration opportunities. Through this the trainer can ensure that each attendee receives individual attention by moving from table to table and not only a typical town hall experience as with the other systems on the market.


cju-system-01  About our Platform

We can also provide multiple individuals with the ability to broadcast to all the groups via the main stage thus presentations, speeches, awards or announcements for the entire group’s attention can be shared.

A further enhancement to the usual systems is the push to talk facility which we have incorporated into the system, this basically stops people from talking over each other when they get more animated and involved with the training or session. I’m sure you have experienced the new normal of “John, can you please mute your mic when not talking”, this ensures that this does not happen.


cju-system-02  About our Platform

Due to the fact that the system is completely custom we can go so far as to incorporate our client’s CI into the platform thus giving it a custom feel and not the usual, we have become accustomed to. Because of all these cool benefits, we need to have our IT guys available on the day of training to ensure everything run smoothly. They will assist with connection issues and other related queries in so far as they can. Before the training commence, they ensure that all the attendees are loaded onto the system and set up the system with its particular requirements. This includes a session with the hosts to ensure that they are comfortable and can do everything they need to do on the evening.