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Services-Page-Corporate-Parties-216  About usIn just eight years, Come Wine With Us™ has evolved from six people sitting around a kitchen table into a custom offering that can’t be found anywhere else.
Come Wine With Us™ expanded not only in the size of its community, but also to exploring different beverages and brands. Made with the lovers of all things food, drink and travel in mind, Come Wine With Us™ has evolved into Come Join Us®, which promises to offer bespoke experiences to anyone who never wants to do the same thing twice.






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Sybil  About usOur founder, Sybil Doms, not only studied at Banhoek Valley’s Institute of Culinary Arts (ICA), but she also spent time learning from some of the industry’s best-known chefs. Following this, she was awarded a prestigious Sommelier Scholarship at Waddesdon Manor in the UK, which she completed before returning to South Africa. Before returning to her roots of food, travel and wine, Sybil enjoyed experience as a freelance fashion, décor and food stylist.
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Sybil’s venture is the embodiment of what has become a 21st-century mantra: “Collect experiences, not things”, as Come Join Us® exists to provide consumers with tailor-made experiences. Sybil’s desire to fill the world with unforgettable memories extends to her passion for PR, marketing and curation around events that each aim to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
Through Come Wine With Us™, Come Whisky With Us™, Come Travel With Us™ and Come Join Us®, you are guaranteed to never have the same experience twice.

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