Come Travel WIth Us

Come Travel With Us™

While some might be under the impression that any old road trip or holiday constitutes as “travel”, we have a different point of view. Travel is fueled by desire: the desire to explore, enjoy new experiences, collect memories and live through a journey – short or long – that cannot be recreated. For many travellers, our choices are dictated by the people we’ll meet along the way, the food and drinks we’ll enjoy under foreign stars or in local lands, and the unique adventures we won’t soon find anywhere else.

Come Travel With Us™ combines our love for people, food, wine, whisky, cocktails and other delightful drinks with an appreciation for travel, proving once again that life is best-lived if you spend it collecting experiences and not things. Enjoy exclusive dinners in the cellars of some of South Africa’s most renowned wine farms, along with wine tours led by travel guides with unique knowledge on the farms and areas you’re visiting. These are just some of the opportunities that await – whether you’re South African or from abroad, looking for a local experience or something overseas, Come Travel With Us™ promises to turn the conventional travel experience on its head and provide guests with something they will cherish for a lifetime.

If you are a service provider or travel business and would like to collaborate, get in touch. If you would like to book your experience with us or organise an exclusive tour with a group of friends, contact us today.

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