Come Whisky With Us™

While Come Join Us was born through a love of wine and originally existed as Come Wine With Us™, it evolved over the years. But loving one thing does not mean having to choose it over something else, which is precisely why we decided to turn our sights to two other great favourites: whisky and cocktails. Come Whisky With Us operates on the same principles as Come Wine With Us™, but you can enjoy an evening of whisky and cocktails instead. Exceptional food pairings and great company are the order of the day at these events and a sophisticated evening is guaranteed.

Hosted across South Africa’s most beloved cities – Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town – Come Whisky With Us™ events not only exist to unite whisky and cocktail lovers, but also educate guests on some of the world’s oldest and most popular drinks. Often associated with gentlemen’s clubs and serious business meetings, Come Whisky With Us™ hopes to show guests that as sophisticated as whisky is, it can be just as fun as your favourite glass of wine, and that cocktails can be more than cosmos and clichés. We’re here to educate you on cocktails and whisky. Live our love for whisky and cocktails and you’ll come to enjoy them just as much as – if not more than – your usual drink of choice.