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Curated Events

Come Join Us’ entire existence is rooted in curation. The very definition of curation is to “select, organize, and present using professional or expert knowledge” – and Come Join Us® is quickly becoming the leader in all things food, drinks of any variety, wine, whisky and travel, undoubtedly proving our worth as experts on these subjects. We curate our events according to your brand and our knowledge of the best restaurants, spaces, entertainment and the like to pair your brand with. Your brand will always exist at the centre of our various Come Join Us® events, where we will use our connections and expertise to curate the perfect event for our guests and your brand.

With our knowledge, skills and industry contacts we aim to create the perfect platform for you to successfully showcase your products, be it through food & drink pairings, tastings, special offers, promotions, or culinary adventures.  

Curated Events | Come Join Us |Our service offerings include:

  • Come Wine With Us™ events
  • Come Whisky With Us™ events
  • Wine Down Fridays
  • Team Building

  • Private parties

  • Corporate events

  • Any food or beverage-related events

Have an idea not covered here? No problem at all.  We love a challenge! Get in touch today and we will ensure your brand gets the treatment it deserves, elevated by only the best “supporting acts” as far as food, entertainment, event spaces and the like go.

Come Wine With Us™ EventsCurated Events | Come Join Us |

Our monthly events, hosted in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg, have become a popular item on the social scene. Chat to us about partnering up for the next one and become part of the CWWU family.  We’re always on the lookout for new venues, producers and brands to work with.
CWWU events include the following added extras:

  • Invitation & menu design
  • Event promotion via Facebook & Twitter
  • Management of online booking system
  • Photography & videography
  • Guest interaction through iPad surveys and live Tweeting screens
  • Post event blog & social media exposure

Curated Events | Come Join Us |

Come Whisky With Us™ Events

While Come Join Us was born through a love of wine and originally existed as Come Wine With Us™, it evolved over the years. But loving one thing does not mean having to choose it over something else, which is precisely why we decided to turn our sights to two other great favourites: whisky and cocktails. Come Whisky With Us operates on the same principles as Come Wine With Us™, but you can enjoy an evening of whisky and cocktails instead. Exceptional food pairings and great company are the order of the day at these events and a sophisticated evening is guaranteed.

Curated Events | Come Join Us |Wine Down Fridays

What’s better than a beautiful glass of wine (or two) after a long week at the office… Our Wine Down Fridays are aimed at introducing new wines to passionate wine lovers in a casual, intimate setting.

Curated Events | Come Join Us |

Team Building

If you’re tired of those run-of-the-mill team building events, allow us to take the creative reigns. We will work with your specific team size and budget to design a fun and memorable outing for all.

Curated Events | Come Join Us |Private parties

Dinner parties can be stressful, but with our help they become an absolute breeze. We take cake of all the details from décor and food preparation to serving and logistics, allowing you to simply focus on enjoying the company of your guests.

Curated Events | Come Join Us |Corporate events

Corporate lunches/dinners, brand activations, conferences and more. You need it, we make it happen.

Have an idea not covered here?  No problem at all.  We love a challenge!

Think we can work together to help you promote your lifestyle brand?  Then do get in touch today.

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